Arnauld de Battice - Producer

Graduated from the IAD (The Institute of the Arts and Broadcasting) and holder of two MBA from the Solvay Business School, Arnauld de Battice began his career as freelance director.
Next, he turned to the field of the television fiction, and worked as production manager and associated producer.
In 1994, he created Archi-Text, a script development company. At the same time, the Belgian TV channel RTL-TVI asked him to be associate producer for the series " Affaire de Famille ". In 1996, he replaced one of the RTL-TVI managers as director of the programs

In 1999, after his work with RTL-TVI, Arnauld decides to become an independent producer and transforms Archi-Text into « AT-Production », a TV and cinema production company.

Thanks to his knowledge and his wide experiences in the field of production, Arnauld has become, in 2007, member of the UPFF, (Union des producteurs de Films Francophones) as well as the association Mediaclub. From 2001 till 2008, he participated in several Festivals juries. He is also a member of the Commission de Séléction des Films, in Belgium. And was appointed vice-president of the Commission for Help to the Audiovisual Operators (CAOA) in 2012.

In addition to his work as producer, Arnauld is currently lecturer at The MediaFaculty and at MBA ESG in Paris where he trains future producers.

Arnauld speaks several languages: French - Dutch - English - German and has notions in Russian and Italian.

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